(N) Rakkerfanten's British shorthair

A small hobby cattery breeding colourpoints and bicolour



I have lived with cats for more than 20 years. I had 3 siamese cats earlier when I lived in Oslo.


In 1999 I moved back to Bergen and missed having cats in my life. I started reading of different cat breeds, and heard so much nice and positive of the British Shorthair breed. In the meantime I went to look at a litter at a friend's house. I really fell in love with a black girl from Jorunn (av Negnat) first litter of British Shorthair.


This is how I bought my first British Shorthair (a black cp carrier) and later on my next, a silver spotted male from Marit (Lady Marys)  


My prefix (N) Rakkerfanten’s was chosen because of the behaviour I saw from the kittens.


My goal is to breed good, healthy and harmonic cats with that lovely and chunky british look with the correct type up to the standard.


I specialize in colourpoint-, tabby points and cp carriers and lately I have fallen in love with the bi/tricoloured cats.


Please enjoy looking at my webpages and I appreciate to have an e-mail from you if you are interested in buying a kitten from me!






Torill Odland

Phone: +47 958 35990

e-mail: [email protected]





My hometown - Bergen

The famous Bryggen in Bergen

Bryggen is on the UNESCO list for World Cultural Heritage sites


Christmas time in Bergen




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