(N) Rakkerfanten's British shorthair

A small hobby cattery breeding colourpointed

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5 beautiful kittens born 20th January 2016



IC GB*Windymeadow Youme at Six, BRI b2133

(HCM free 2013/2015), HD normal, PKD free




Nemo av Negnat (N), BRI c33

HCM free 2015, HD normal, PKD free

2 Girls - tabbypoint (choc/lilac)

3 boys - 1 tabbypoint and 2 solid Points (choc/lilac)


Picture to follow!







H litter

6 lovely tabbypointed born 26.01.2015


Boy chocolatetabbypoint Hugo (lives in Bergen)

Girl lilactabbypoint Honey (lives in Bergen)


Boy lilactabbypoint Herman (lives in Farsund)

Girl lilactabbypoint Hedvig (will move to Stockholm in June)





Girl chocolatetabbypoint Huldra (lives in Kongsvinger)

Girl lilactabbypoint Perle (lives in Bergen)



 Mother: IC GB*Windymeadow Youme at Six, BRI b2133

HCM negative, June 2013, PKD negative, HD normal both hips, bloodtype A or AB



Father: SC GB*Windymeadow Yours Truly, BRI c2133

HCM negative June 2013, PKD negative, HD normal both hips, bloodtype A.




 G litter

Lovely kittens born 24.01.14




S*Suncat's Euphoria, BRI c0162, HCM negative June 2013,

PKD free, bloodtype B


GIC Lucky Duckling from Eli's Castle, BRI d02, HCM negative,

HD normal both hips, PKD free, bloodtype B



1 lilac/white bicolour (c03) male - Griffin - SOLD

1 chocolate/white bicolour (b03) male - Gilbert - SOLD

1 chocolate/white Harlequin (b02) male - Geldof - SOLD

1 chocolate tortie/white (h03) female - Greta - SOLD





 Gilbert - b03 - sold




 Geldof - b02 - sold



 Griffin - c03 - sold


 Greta - h03 - sold



Gilbert and Greta


F-litter born 20.11.13

1 lilac male (Festus) - sold

1 lilactabbypoint male (Fellini) - sold

1 chocolatespotted female (Fanny) - sold

1 lilacpoint female (Ferrari) - sold


8 weeks


 Fellini, BRI c2133 (lilac tabbypoint)



Festus, lilac

Fanny, chocolate spotted


Ferrari, lilacpoint

F litter 8 weeks


6 weeks


Fanny, chocolatespotted



Fanny and Ferrari


5 weeks

Fanny, chocolatespotted - girl (available)

Ferrari - lilacpointed - girl (reserved)



Fellini - lilactabbypoint - boy (available)

Festus - lilac - boy (reserved)

3,5 weeks

Lilac boy - Festus

Lilacpoint girl - Ferrari


 Lilactabbypoint boy - Fellini

Chocolatespotted girl - Fanny

Lilac boy and chocolatespotted girl

All in the litter.


Proud parents:

Dame: IC GB*Windymeadow You me at Six, BRI b2133,

HD normal both hips, PKD free, HCM normal June 2013, A or AB blood.

Sire: GB*Windymeadow Shinedown, BRI c24,

A blood, PKD free

Kittens pedigree




Kittens expected

End of January 2014

Father: GIC Lucky Duckling from Eli's Castle, BRI d02 (carrier of chocolate),

HCM negativ, HD normalt both hips, PKD negative.

Mother: S*Suncat's Euphoria, BRI c0164, HCM negativ, PKD negative


Previous litters - see below



Previous litters

Litter E 


Lilactabbypoint girl - sold - (Emmylou)

Chocolatetabbypoint girl - sold (Era)

Chocolatetabbypoint boy - sold (Elliott)

Chocolatetabbypoint boy - sold (Eyolf)

Chocolatetabbypoint boy - sold (Erasmus)





Litters A - D - under construction

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